Co-creating a better future.

Designing our collective future.

Throughout the program, New Leadership Network members co-create solutions to local challenges. These solutions do not emerge without structure and support, especially given that these leaders come from different fields, faiths, political beliefs, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and cultural traditions.

NLN harnesses that diversity and leverages systems thinking, design thinking, and equity frameworks to help members co-create a more inclusive future for their region.

Our Impact

By design, NLN is focused on impacting whole systems rather than single issues. Using both survey data and network mapping, we track the impact of the program on the leadership trajectory of individuals, the health of the network, and the subsequent projects and systemic shifts that result in the community. These collaborative projects are used as a proxy to assess the growing capacity of the system to improve itself.

Case Studies.


help first-generation students and their families navigate the onboarding process to college?


increase empathy between law enforcement and the community they serve?


support locally-based entrepreneurs to drive economic development, social mobility and equity?


build civic pride, retain talent and inspire economic development in the community?


• A partnership between five Fresno NLN leaders and their organizations spawned a kindergarten-readiness program where moms in low-income Fresno neighborhoods train other moms on preparing their children for school. In just a few months the program led 138 parent education workshops across the city.

• A partnership between NLN members representing Habitat for Humanity and Kaiser Permanente led to a $400,000 grant to build a neighborhood playground in West Fresno, a highly impoverished area with high rates of childhood obesity.

• A collaboration between the Fresno County Library and the Fresno State Humanics Program led to a summer support program that distributed 600 books and 1,700 meals to low-income children in its first summer as a prototype.

• A number of NLN leaders launched systems leadership development programs of their own, leveraging much of what they learned in the NLN. One group started the Latino Leadership in the Valley group, which subsequently created a Young Professionals Latino Leadership Academy and a Latino Neighborhood Leadership Cohort. Another member went on to start a Central Valley program for charter school leaders and leaders of education reform initiatives called the 360 Accelerator.

Learn more about the work of our Design Team here.

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