Building the backbone for cross-sector, cross-issue collaboration.

Building our Central Valley Community

The New Leadership Network is based in California’s Central Valley, in both Fresno and Stanislaus County. As of 2019, both networks have transitioned to a local leadership structure. NLN: Stanislaus is operating under the guidance of the Stanislaus Community Foundation.

Meet our Members

Simply click the Fresno Chapter or Stanislaus Chapter logos below to view network members within each location. For general questions, please send questions to

  • Diego Arambula
    Diego Arambula

    Transcend Education

  • Miguel Arias
    Miguel Arias

    Executive Director of Community and Family Services
    Fresno Unified School District

  • Elliott Balch
    Elliott Balch

    Graduate School

  • Mike Berg
    Mike Berg

    Central Unified School District

  • Danielle Bergstrom
    Danielle Bergstrom

    Government Affairs Manager City of Fresno

  • Keith Bergthold
    Keith Bergthold

    Executive Director
    Fresno Metro Ministry

  • Paul Betancourt
    Paul Betancourt

    VF Farms

  • Aaron Blair
    Aaron Blair

    Town Manager
    Granby Colorado

  • Devin Blizzard
    Devin Blizzard

    Central Valley Robotics/Williams Elementary School, San Jose

  • Edgar Blunt
    Edgar Blunt

    Career Pillar

  • Sara Bosse
    Sara Bosse

    Public Health Director
    Madera County Department of Public Health

  • Paula Castadio
    Paula Castadio

    Vice President
    University Advancement, Fresno State University

  • Sandy Cha
    Sandy Cha


  • Tosh Cook
    Tosh Cook

    Business Development Director
    Xccelerate HR

  • Ivonne Der Torosian
    Ivonne Der Torosian

    Community Benefit & Outreach, Saint Agnes Medical Center

  • Brian Domingos
    Brian Domingos

    Broker & Owner
    Premier Valley Realty & Management Inc.

  • Sally Fowler
    Sally Fowler

    Executive Officer of College and Career Readiness
    Fresno Unified School District

  • Terance Frazier
    Terance Frazier

    TFS Investments, LLC

  • Amy Fuentes
    Amy Fuentes

    Local Business Initiatives Manager
    City of Fresno

  • Kelli Furtado
    Kelli Furtado

    Assistant Director
    City of Fresno’s Development and Resource Management Department

  • Veronica Garibay
    Veronica Garibay

    Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

  • Linda Gleason
    Linda Gleason

    Managing Director
    The Children’s Movement, Fresno

  • Vincent Harris
    Vincent Harris

    Executive Officer, District Accountability & Improvement
    Fresno Unified School District

  • Matthew Jendian
    Matthew Jendian

    Professor & Chair of Sociology and Director of Humanics
    California State University, Fresno

  • Sabrina Kelley
    Sabrina Kelley

    Community Development Manager
    Habitat for Humanity Fresno County

  • Mark Keppler
    Mark Keppler

    Executive Director
    The Kenneth L. Maddy Institute

  • Brian King
    Brian King

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Fresno Street Saints

  • Blake Konczal
    Blake Konczal

    Executive Director
    Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board

  • Kara Lang
    Kara Lang

    Fresno County Food System Alliance Coordinator
    Ag Innovations Network

  • Kurt Madden
    Kurt Madden

    Chief Technology Officer
    Fresno Unified School District

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez

    Community Relations Specialist
    Community Medical Centers

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller

    Gazebo Gardens

  • Artie Padilla
    Artie Padilla

    Executive Director
    Every Neighborhood Partnership

  • Caty Perez
    Caty Perez

    Associate Vice President of Development
    California State University, Fresno

  • Preston Prince
    Preston Prince

    CEO / Executive Director
    Fresno Housing Authority

  • Laurel Prysiazny
    Laurel Prysiazny

    Retired County Librarian
    Fresno County Public Library

  • Hugh Ralston
    Hugh Ralston

    President & CEO
    Fresno Regional Foundation

  • Elaine Robles-McGraw
    Elaine Robles-McGraw

    Community Revitalization Manager
    City of Fresno

  • Yammilette Rodriguez
    Yammilette Rodriguez

    Senior Director
    Youth Leadership Institute

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez

    Kaiser Permanente

  • Kendra Rogers
    Kendra Rogers

    Community Investment Director
    Granville Homes

  • Claudia Ruiz
    Claudia Ruiz

    Chief of Staff to Clint Olivier
    Fresno City Council

  • Jeff Sands
    Jeff Sands

    Regional Director, Central Valley
    California Charter Schools Association

  • Craig Scharton
    Craig Scharton

    Revitalization and Economic Development Consultant

  • MaryJane Skjellerup
    MaryJane Skjellerup

    Policy Analyst, Equity and Access
    Fresno Unified School District

  • Matilda Soria
    Matilda Soria

    Program Coordinator
    Early Care and Education Office of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

  • Maiyer Vang
    Maiyer Vang

    Business Operations Manager
    Fresno Unified School District

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