Kendra Rogers

Kendra Rogers
Community Investment Director, Granville Homes

Kendra Rogers is the Community Investment Director for Granville Homes and a part of the boomerang generation of young professionals who have returned to work and live in Fresno.  She is a mother of two, a military wife, and also provides oversight for how the First 5 Fresno Commission distributes millions of dollars to better the lives of children ages 0-5 in Fresno County. She rose through the ranks of First 5 Fresno County to become its Executive Director in 2009, providing oversight for how to distribute millions of dollars to better the lives of children ages 0-5 in the County.

She is a founding member of “The Children’s Movement of Fresno.”  Kendra also serves as a Commissioner for the Fresno Housing Authority and is on the Board of Directors for the Animal Rescue of Fresno and for Rape Counseling Services of Fresno.

Kendra Rogers was recently honored as a Community Hero by Fresno State University and has also been recognized for her leadership with a 2009 Top Ten Professional Women award, a 2010 Child Advocacy Award, and a 2010 “Serve” Award from Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals.

She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from California State University, Dominquez Hills and a Bachelors in Law & Society from University of California, Santa Barbara.

[quote]I care most about getting our children out of poverty. I believe if we can do that we will see significant improvements in the overall health and prosperity of our community. Over the last 13 years I have built solid relationships in the early childhood arena. I believe that if the key leaders in a community can gain a better understanding of who they are as people, if they can understand the place from which each one does their work, if they can learn to trust each other, change will not only happen but it will be continual and it will result in good outcomes for our community.”[/quote]

Kendra Rogers
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